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Residential Friable Asbestos Removal – Werribee

Residential Asbestos Removal Friable PROAS

PROAS was recently contacted to carry out a residential asbestos removal job in Werribee which mainly concerned friable asbestos.

Friable asbestos is particularly hazardous to individuals as it easily crumbles to a powder-like state, contaminating the surrounding spaces. As a result, friable asbestos removal should only be performed by professionals who have the training and experience to safely contain the dangerous substance. PROAS specialists are highly qualified and have years of experience, making them the ideal professionals to take on asbestos removal in Werribee.

Residential Asbestos Removal Friable PROAS

We approached the asbestos removal job in Werribee with full consideration of health and safety measures, as outlined by WorkSafe Victoria, to ensure the well-being of our staff and the neighbourhood. We first installed a decontamination unit to prevent the spread of asbestos-contaminated air, before spraying the residency with water to minimise the level of asbestos fibres in the air. This was followed by a thorough inspection of the property from one of our certified inspectors. Pre-work activities, such as reviewing building specifications and examining the nature of the asbestos-contaminated material, is critical to any project’s success. All items requiring special attention or handling were secured to protect them from damage.

As we started work on the site, our contractors undertook all necessary safety precautions to minimise risks associated with hazardous asbestos material, such as sealing all windows and other critical barriers.

Residential Asbestos Removal Friable PROAS

Asbestos waste was safely disposed of in sealed containers to approved asbestos landfills. We are meticulous in the post-removal cleaning of all project areas to prevent any asbestos contamination. When the cleaning process was complete, an independent hygienist gave the area the all clear, marking the residency free from any asbestos contamination.

If you are looking for licensed asbestos removal company in Melbourne or its surrounding suburbs, contact PROAS today to arrange an inspection of your residence.