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Residential Asbestos Removal – Richmond | PROAS


Our client in Richmond recently contacted us to remove the roof and wall cement sheeting containing asbestos from a section of their house.

Cement sheeting is a common material containing asbestos that has been used in the construction of buildings prior to the 1980′s.

Residential-Asbestos-Removal-Richmond Residential-Asbestos-Removal-Richmond

Upon inspecting the building containing asbestos, it was evident that the weathered roof had deteriorated to a point where the cement had slowly disintegrated and was releasing asbestos fibres into the air and down the gutter. Although not in as a bad condition, the cement wall sheeting was showing signs damage, and therefore also needed to be removed, so we got to work.

Whenever we remove any material containing asbestos, we always aim to perform the operation in a manner that keeps the material intact as a whole.

On this job we noticed that the cement sheeting containing asbestos was held in place by nails and bolts. For each nail and bolt that we removed, we followed a repetitive procedure of dampening the area around the nail/bolt using a soft-pressure hose, and then proceeded to remove the nail/bolt.

Once all the bolts and nails were removed, we then removed the cement sheeting as a whole. Practicing these procedures minimises the risk of breaking the material containing asbestos and releasing fibres into the air.

Upon removing all the cement sheeting containing asbestos, we cleaned our work area thoroughly using a HEPA certified vacuum cleaner and decontaminated our tools, and ourselves.

At PROAS, we have the specialist equipment and experience to remove friable and non-friable asbestos for both residential and commercial premises. Contact PROAS for professional asbestos removal.