Commercial Asbestos Removal Melbourne

If you’re a business owner in Melbourne who’s worried whether your premise is contaminated with asbestos, it’s time to take action. The team here at PROAS, or Professional Asbestos Removal, specialise in commercial asbestos removal in Melbourne and are standing by to rid your property of this deadly mineral.

Asbestos should not be left untreated in any building, especially a commercial premise where a lot of people are present. What was previously unknown, it has now been proven that this hazardous mineral can pose serious health risks to those who inhale it over a prolonged period of time.

Diseases such as asbestosis, mesothelioma and lung cancer are just some of the conditions that are linked with asbestos.

Legal Responsibilities for Owners of Commercial Premises

All over Australia, the contamination of asbestos has fast become an increasingly worrying problem for property management and for property owners too.

If you’re the manager/owner of a commercial property, you’ll know that you have a number of responsibilities with respect to safety on your premises. What you mightn’t know is that these include asbestos.

It is now necessary that a licensed Asbestos contractor carry out all asbestos removal works over 10 m2 in your commercial premises.

Commercial Asbestos Removal in Melbourne

We’ve got 20 years of experience in residential asbestos removal in Melbourne, industrial and commercial premises in Melbourne and throughout the state of Victoria. Our team of professionals are qualified and highly experienced.

A full inspection of your property will be carried out and, should we find that your commercial premises are infected, we’ll give you a quote for the work that needs to be carried out to decontaminate the area.

The process we use is sustainable, it’s reliable and it’s the most effective removal process in the industry. Depending on the location of the contamination and how bad it is, you might need to avail of our cement sheet removal, asbestos insulation removal, vinyl floor removal and/or our floor grinding services.

Note: Asbestos insulation removal is particularly important if your property was built or renovated before the late-1980s so keep this in mind.

Your safety and that of your employees and clients will always be our top priority. Our ultimate goal is to rid the area of this hazardous mineral and make it a safe place to be. Asbestos is not something that should be left untreated; so don’t overlook the seriousness of it.

Unlike other asbestos removalists in Melbourne, we have a Class A Asbestos removal license from WorkSafe Victoria and we are fully qualified to carry out the work that we do. Don’t take chance.

Commercial Asbestos Removal Melbourne

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