Asbestos Enclosures

Do you need friable asbestos removed from your site? Do you have a lot of asbestos cement materials that need to be removed? Are you planning a renovation or demolition and suspect that there may be asbestos based materials waiting to be uncovered? If so, it’s wise to seek the advice and services of a licensed asbestos removal company who has the knowledge and experience to manage the work safely, without risk to you or the surrounding area.

Asbestos Enclosures

Whenever you’re looking to engage the services of an asbestos removal company, you should always look for one that has been licensed by WorkSafe. And that’s why you can put your trust in PROAS, as we’ve professional asbestos removalists in Melbourne for the last twenty years, and hold a Class A License from WorkSafe Victoria. This means that we’re able to carry out all aspects of asbestos removal, including the removal of friable asbestos.

From asbestos inspections to site decontamination and asbestos enclosures, our professional team offers a whole range of services and, in line with our license, we always implement stringent measures to carry out work in a safe manner and to control any risk. For this reason, we’ll always use asbestos enclosures as needed, and we always have a nominated supervisor on site.

Asbestos Removal in Australia

During the removal of asbestos, we will erect enclosures to create a sealed work area in order to contain the spread of the asbestos fibres that may be released during removal. Formed from polyethene, all the joints and seams of the enclosure are sealed and, if required, a timber-studded framework may be erected to support the enclosure. This will ensure that the removal site is kept safe for you, the environment and, of course, our staff as they carry out the necessary work.

Over the last twenty years, we’ve built an excellent reputation for the quality of our work, and have been involved in all kinds of projects across Victoria, from residential to industrial asbestos removal, often working on large and complex removals that have required strict hazardous waste management procedures.

Our staff is fully qualified and always keep up to date with all the current legislation and asbestos removal techniques; we invest in the latest technologies and tools, and safety is our number one priority, no matter how big or small the job.

Asbestos Removal Services