Floor Grinding

Here at PROAS, we’ve gained an enviable reputation over the last twenty years as one of the top asbestos removal companies in Melbourne. We offer professional help and advice on all aspects of asbestos removal, together with asbestos inspections, floor grinding  services, site decontamination and asbestos enclosures.

Our experienced and skilled team have the qualifications and the know-how to inspect and assess your property, and to find practical and cost-effective solutions to your asbestos problems. Furthermore, in line with our aim to be the best asbestos removalists in Victoria, we’ve invested in the equipment, tools and technical know-how to complete the job quickly, efficiently and in the least possible time.

Floor Grinding Services in Melbourne

As you can imagine, it takes a conscientious, reliable and well-qualified team of professionals to tackle these kinds of projects, particularly as asbestos can be such a hazardous material. During the past two decades we’ve worked on all manner of projects, from small residential projects to larger and more complex projects that have needed extensive hazardous waste management skills to ensure that the job was completed both safely and in line with our procedures.

To enable us to remove asbestos flooring safely, we use top quality floor grinding machines to ensure that all sources of asbestos are permanently eliminated and all the dust is captured at source. This minimises the possibility of toxic fibres being released into the environment and leaves you with a smooth surface that’s ready for your new flooring.

All work is carried out with your safety and that of the environment and our staff as our number one priority, and all work is completed in line with strict hazardous waste management procedures. We hold a Class A Asbestos Removal Licence from WorkSafe Victoria, plus we make sure that we regularly update our knowledge and skills and invest in the latest technologies and equipment. Your safety is paramount to us, and we believe that shows in the level of service that we provide.