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Commercial Friable Asbestos Removal – Surrey Hills | PROAS

commercial friable asbestos removal surrey hills

PROAS Asbestos Removal recently completed a commercial project in Surrey Hills. This property was contaminated with friable asbestos, which is a greater risk to an individual’s health so it had be removed.

Friable asbestos refers to asbestos containing materials that can be easily reduced to a powder when dry. Because it can easily dissolve into a powder, this type of asbestos is more likely to be released into the environment and as a result, poses a greater risk to an individual’s health.

In order to get rid of the friable asbestos, PROAS first constructed an enclosure, installed a 3 stage decontamination unit then installed negative air pressure exhaust units in the space to prevent the contaminated asbestos air from escaping the room.

The images below show what the space looked like as the decontamination process was taking place:

Commercial friable asbestos removal surrey hills
commercial friable asbestos removal surrey hills

Then a smoke test was conducted to confirm that there would be no contaminated air leaked outside of the enclosure. PROAS then wet the space contaminated with asbestos and removed the asbestos. After removing the asbestos we decontaminated the enclosure, and an independent hygienist came and inspected the space.

The inspection was a success and PROAS were given the clear to closely monitor the enclosure and to spray the enclosure with PVA glue which allows for any unseen fibers which may be stuck in timber or buried in nail holes to be sealed permanently and prevents the fibers from getting any air. After this process, the clearance was issued and the property was asbestos free.

This project took 5 weeks to complete, however, the time it takes to complete a project does differ depending on the size of the space and the severity of the asbestos.

If you’re looking for a Melbourne asbestos removal company, PROAS Asbestos Removal specialise in asbestos removal and are located in Melbourne. We have all the equipment and experience needed to remove friable asbestos from commercial or residential properties. Call 1300 2 PROAS or send us an enquiry via our website!