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Commercial Friable Asbestos Removal – Preston | PROAS

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Are you on the lookout for the best commercial friable asbestos removal Preston has to offer? This week, PROAS successfully carried out a commercial friable asbestos removal job in Preston, while managing to protect the community and nearby bystanders from toxic harm.

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Friable asbestos contains certain properties that allow it to reduce to a powder-like state. This form of asbestos can release itself into the environment with considerable ease, making it a hazardous mineral for any individual who comes into contact with.

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Commercial friable asbestos removal should be left up to trained professionals who have a Class A Asbestos Removal License from WorkSafe Victoria, and are qualified to remove all kinds of asbestos from commercial, residential, and industrial premises. The great news for our existing and prospective clients is that PROAS comes fully equipped with a professional license and technical know-how.

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This is important information to keep in mind since the Preston commercial property was one of the largest jobs PROAS has taken on. The first step to tackling the removal process was to install a three-stage decontamination unit, followed by negative air pressure exhaust units, to prevent the contaminated asbestos air from spreading outside an enclosure filled with negative air pressure.

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The next step was to water down the enclosure to minimise the release of asbestos fiber and dust into the air. After wetting the area, we decontaminated the space and welcomed a professional, independent hygienist to fully inspect the area with care and diligence. The health and well being of all the workers on site should be the primary concern during any asbestos removal process. For more information on heath and safety in the workplace, visit WorkSafe Victoria.

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Once the inspection was declared a success, we were given the go-ahead to spray the closed-off area with PVA glue, which is used an extra precaution for any undetectable fibers that could potentially be stuck on the floor in the walls. The glue acts as a sealer that permanently closes off tiny holes and keeps the fibers from spreading loose in the air.

Concerned about asbestos? If you’re on the hunt for the best commercial friable asbestos removal Preston has to offer, PROAS are licensed asbestos removalists, who specialise in commercial and residential asbestos removal.