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Commercial Asbestos Removal- Windsor | PROAS

Commercial Asbestos Removal Windsor

PROAS Asbestos Removal recently completed a commercial project in Windsor. This site was contaminated with asbestos fibres and required the removal of concrete slabs and walls.


Just as asbestos was used in many building materials as an insulator, it was also used with concrete as form work and as a moisture barrier. The asbestos fibre material was considered to be great fibre reinforcement in concrete slabs, due to being readily available, inexpensive and easily applied.


Once the concrete was set and hard, so too were the asbestos fibres- concealed behind the matrix of the concrete slab. However, with the potential for the concrete to chip or break, and thus exposing asbestos fibres into the air and people, harmful or not all asbestos concrete products must be removed.


In order to remove the asbestos fibres from the concrete walls and slabs at the commercial project in Windsor, Proas implemented a safety process to follow to ensure neither employees or nearby people were exposed to airborne asbestos fibres.


The images below show what the concrete site looked like as the asbestos decontamination process took place.

Commercial Asbestos Removal Windsor

Commercial Asbestos Removal Windsor

Firstly, Proas established an asbestos inclusion zone and set up a decontamination unit around the permitter of this zone, this prevented unauthorised members of the public from entering the site while still allowing Proas employees access. Once an exclusion zone had been established Proas continued onto wet the entire area, soaking the affected asbestos concrete to minimise the release of asbestos ridden fibres into the air.

The removal of the asbestos then took place; Proas removed all concrete slabbing and walls from the site, leaving an empty block, however, the task wasn’t over yet.


Following the removal of the asbestos, the entire area was then wet wiped, dusted and stripped of sheeting- laid to protect other surfaces from asbestos dust fibres. This was all then packaged into two asbestos bags, which were taken off-site to be disposed of by Proas. The Proas team did a final, more thorough clean using a HEPA filter vacuum, collecting the remaining asbestos dust fibres and particles from the remaining surfaces and air.


The services of an independent hygienist were then sought out to inspect and approve the successful completion of asbestos removal. Results conducted by the hygienist confirmed the site a successful project issuing it clearance, and the site asbestos free.  

This project took three weeks to complete, however, the time it takes to complete a project does differ depending on the size of the space and the severity of the asbestos.

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