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Commercial Asbestos Removal Services – Parkville | PROAS

Searching for the best commercial asbestos removal services Parkville has to offer? Look no further than PROAS Asbestos Removal, who was recently contacted to carry out a removal job for a block of flats in Parkville. The task involved safely removing asbestos flues, tiles, and ceilings.

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Flue pipes are components that belong to home heating installations such as water heaters and fireplaces, that were used in buildings around the 1950’s. Since that era, there’s been an astounding amount of evidence that shows that many of the flues used for those installations contained traces of asbestos, either in the form of bonded asbestos in the cement pipes, or friable asbestos rope gaskets. Needless to say it was time to beckon the professionals.

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The first task for the PROAS team was to set up an asbestos exclusion zone and decontamination unit. This is a standard procedure, but also the most crucial step to ensure the safety of the public by preventing them access to the area. The next step is to water down the closed-off area to minimise the release of asbestos fiber and dust into the air.

After removing the asbestos, it is absolutely imperative to clean the area to prevent any potential contamination from the asbestos. To perform this task effectively, PROAS used a HEPA vacuum to clean the dust and debris from the entire building. As an extra precaution, the area was watered down, dried, and dusted for a second time. Here’s some more information on the benefits of HEPA filters.

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The goal is to perform the operation using a sustainable, reliable and effective removal process to ensure the highest standards of precaution are maintained.When it comes to harmful minerals with the potential to become airborne and so many lives at risk, there’s really no such thing as overprotection.

Regardless of the location or severity of the contamination, our team comes fully prepared with a variety of tools and skilled professionals who can deliver the best asbestos insulation, cement and vinyl removal, and floor grinding services.

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Asbestos is not something that should be left untreated; so don’t overlook the seriousness of it. At PROAS, we have the specialist equipment and experience to remove asbestos for both residential and commercial properties.

Searching for the best commercial asbestos removal services Parkville has to offer? For more information on the most effective asbestos removal company, contact PROAS Asbestos Removal.