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Commercial Asbestos Removal Services Box Hill | PROAS

This week, PROAS completed one of the most timely commercial asbestos removal services Box Hill had ever seen. With a variety of tasks ahead of them – asbestos dust removal, HEPA vacuuming, and wet wiping – the task was no easy feat. But with a turnaround time of just under two weeks, PROAS was en route to set a new team record.

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Of course it goes without saying that while the duration of a job is an important factor, there is simply no substitute for completing the job to the highest standard of quality. But part of maintaining that quality involves adhering to the strict instructions to ensure the health of safety of everyone involved. This is by the far the most important thing to consider before beginning the decontamination process.

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To do this, PROAS created an asbestos exclusion zone and set up a decontamination unit around its perimeter, preventing unauthorised members of the public from entering the site. For specific information on safety in the workplace, visit Worksafe Victoria.

Once an exclusion zone had been set up, PROAS continued the process by wetting the appropriate area to minimise the release and pollution of asbestos fibres into the air.

PROAS tackled the dust removal using HEPA equipment – in other words, using a vacuum cleaner with high-efficiency particulate air filtration to trap the dirt that’s invisible to the naked eye, and to prevent allergens from escaping back into the air.

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After using the HEPA filter vacuum cleaner to safely cleanse the workspace, the team went on to decontaminate its equipment, and themselves, of potential asbestos debris. As with every job undertaken by PROAS, the job was only declared ‘complete’ with a final visual inspection of the place. That’s part of the reason they’re considered one of the most reliable commercial asbestos removal services Box Hill has to offer.

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If you’re concerned about asbestos, and require the services of licensed asbestos removalists, contact PROAS asbestos removal. Specialising in both commercial and residential properties, this team proves time and time again to be the most effective asbestos removal company in Melbourne.