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Commercial Asbestos Removal Geelong

Commercial asbestos removal Geelong

PROAS is one of Melbourne’s top commercial asbestos removal companies. We have a team of fully qualified professionals who are experienced in the removal of asbestos from commercial and residential properties.

Our team was recently contacted to complete a commercial asbestos removal Geelong which involved the removal of approximately 1000 m2 asbestos contaminated vinyl flooring. Using specialist equipment, we were able to remove all of the contaminated flooring in time for the installation of a more suitable flooring solution.

Commercial asbestos removal GeelongUpon our inspection of the building our team of asbestos removal specialist identified the presence of asbestos backed vinyl sheet flooring. While the vinyl itself does not contain asbestos the backing used in this type of flooring contains harmful friable (easily broken) asbestos particles. This type of flooring is most commonly found in buildings constructed in the mid 1980’s.

Commercial asbestos removal Geelong

As the backing is safe from exposure to the atmosphere by the vinyl upper section, the risk of asbestos exposure is relatively low. However, if the vinyl flooring has been damaged to the extent that the backing is disturbed this can lead to serious health risks.

Commercial asbestos removal Geelong

If you believe your business is exposed to harmful asbestos particles found in this type of flooring you will first need to arrange a hazard assessment, where a professional can assess what measures must be taken to control any risk of exposure. If the assessment requests the immediate removal of the flooring this must only be completed by an A Class asbestos removal licence holder.

As a holder of an A Class asbestos removal licence our Proas team are qualified to remove the affected flooring, ensuring all Workplace Health and Safety Regulations are upheld.

Asbestos exposure is never something that should left untreated. Get in touch with one of our experienced specialists or for more information on our recent jobs in commercial asbestos removal Geelong and other areas of Melbourne visit our service information page or asbestos removal projects page.