Residential Asbestos Removal

Residential Friable Asbestos Removal – Werribee

Residential Asbestos Removal Friable PROAS

PROAS was recently contacted to carry out a residential asbestos removal job in Werribee which mainly concerned friable asbestos. Friable asbestos is particularly hazardous to individuals as it easily crumbles to a powder-like state, contaminating the surrounding spaces. As a result, friable asbestos removal should only be performed by professionals who have the training and […]

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7 Shocking Places Containing Asbestos | PROAS

People are increasingly getting health conditions from breathing in asbestos, such as lung cancer and asbestosis. You may know the obvious places that contain asbestos such as the heater in your house or roofing tiles. However, have you stopped to think of the shocking places containing asbestos? Read on to find out more. Bowling Balls […]

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Buying A Property With Asbestos? What You Need To Know

Proas- Buying A Property With Asbestos

Buying a property with asbestos can often be a huge gamble, especially when it comes to buying an older property it can often be hard to avoid choosing one without asbestos. According to a report by the ACT Asbestos Task Force, it is estimated that in Victoria alone 98% of houses built before 1976 contain […]

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Asbestos Exposure Health Risks

Asbestos Removal-Asbestos Exposure Health Risks

Recently a doctor was diagnosed with mesothelioma, an aggressive cancer that is more often than not 100% fatal and cannot be cured. The 63-year-old started feeling pain in her shoulder and assumed it was just a pulled muscle only to discover with shock that she had contracted a deadly disease caused from prolonged exposure to […]

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Residential Asbestos Removal – Bentleigh | PROAS

Asbestos Removal

PROAS Asbestos Removal was recently contacted to remove asbestos cement sheeting from the eaves, external walls, wet areas and sun room of a residential property in Bentleigh. Asbestos cement sheets are made up of a mixture of cement and asbestos and are commonly found in residential properties developed before the 1980s. The images below show […]

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Residential Asbestos Removal – Richmond | PROAS


Our client in Richmond recently contacted us to remove the roof and wall cement sheeting containing asbestos from a section of their house. Cement sheeting is a common material containing asbestos that has been used in the construction of buildings prior to the 1980′s. Upon inspecting the building containing asbestos, it was evident that the […]

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Asbestos Removal Huntingdale – Vinyl Floor Sheeting Removal | PROAS

Asbestos Removal Huntingdale Job

Asbestos Removal Huntingdale Job – PROAS was called-out to a suburban home in Huntingdale to remove 4500m2 of asbestos vinyl floor tiles. As per the asbestos control plan, we began by removing all items and furniture from our work area, and erected clear barricades and signs to identify our work area. After dressing into our personal […]

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