Residential Friable Asbestos Removal – Werribee

Residential Asbestos Removal Friable PROAS

PROAS was recently contacted to carry out a residential asbestos removal job in Werribee which mainly concerned friable asbestos. Friable asbestos is particularly hazardous to individuals as it easily crumbles to a powder-like state, contaminating the surrounding spaces. As a result, friable asbestos removal should only be performed by professionals who have the training and […]

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The Extreme Cost Of Asbestos-Related Diseases

Asbestos-Related Diseases

A report recently released by the Centre for International Economics highlights the significant cost of asbestos-related diseases in Australia. The economic and medical opportunity cost linked to asbestos-related diseases was measured for one year (2015) and was found to be costing the nation over $500 million dollars annually. This is attributed to loss of workplace […]

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