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PROAS offer safe, responsible and reliable asbestos removal in St Albans. If you fear that your home or property might be contaminated with this dangerous substance, we are your first point of call for all removal needs. With over 20 years of experience, we are Class “A” removalists offering commercial asbestos removal, domestic asbestos removal Melbourne   and, residential asbestos removal   St. Albans and its residents deserve when it comes to safe asbestos removal.

Our services are comprehensive so know that we can help you with the removal of asbestos from your property, no matter if it’s a small residential property or a large commercial building. These services, along with our excellent customer care and reasonable rates have allowed us to build up a reputation as the best asbestos removalist company in St. Albans.

With a vast array of asbestos Removalist services to choose from, PROAS is the go-to destination for the residents of St. Albans and beyond. Firstly, we offer commercial asbestos removal   and have catered to many businesses and their properties all over the city. In addition, we are the leaders in the residential asbestos removal St Albans  requires to keep its homes safe and clean of toxins, as our trained professionals are able to target hazardous substances rapidly and competently.

The complete trust that our customers place in us is wholly due to our incredible staff of highly skilled professionals, who are able to quickly hone in on any toxins contaminating a property. We’re highly experienced working alongside government, environmental, and educational departments across the state. The fact that we have a WorkSafe Victoria Class A Asbestos Removal license might just make your decision to trust us that little bit easier. Whether you’re in need of an inspection or in search of a full decontamination, we’ve got you covered as the best asbestos removalist St. Albans  has to offer.

Do you think you might be in harm’s way with an asbestos contamination? Our friendly and experienced staff is able to fully inspect your property in order to ensure that there is no further harm posed to you or your family. For your convenience, we can quickly provide you with a quote in the event you do require the removal of asbestos from your property. Specifically, we offer removal of cement sheets, asbestos insulation, vinyl floors, as well as floor grinding.

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