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Asbestos Removal Huntingdale – Vinyl Floor Sheeting Removal | PROAS

Asbestos Removal Huntingdale Job

Asbestos Removal Huntingdale Job – PROAS was called-out to a suburban home in Huntingdale to remove 4500m2 of asbestos vinyl floor tiles. As per the asbestos control plan, we began by removing all items and furniture from our work area, and erected clear barricades and signs to identify our work area.

After dressing into our personal protective equipment (PPE), we went about removing the vinyl tiles containing asbestos using a scraper tool. To further minimise the risk of releasing asbestos fibres into the air, we used a soft-pressure hose to spray solution-based detergent underneath the each tile in order to enhance saturation.

When the tiles were removed, we placed them into a designated asbestos 200 micron plastic waste bag.

Asbestos Removal Huntingdale

After we cleared all tiles and adhesive asbestos debris we used a HEPA filter vacuum cleaner to clean our entire workspace. Once we had completed the asbestos removal huntingdale job, we decontaminated our equipment, and ourselves, and finally disposed of the asbestos waste product. As we always do, we completed our job with a final visual inspection of the place.

Since asbestos vinyl floor tiles are generally non-friable (friable vs non-friable asbestos), many people consider removing asbestos vinyl floor tiles a Do-It-Yourself job that could be handled solo. As professionals of asbestos removal, we know that there is always a risk of the vinyl floor tiles becoming friable if not removed correctly, and can therefore result in becoming a health hazard to not only you, but other people nearby. It is therefore, always a safer option to call in the professionals to remove asbestos vinyl floor tiles or any other material or building containing asbestos. At PROAS, we have the specialist equipment and experience to remove friable and non-friable asbestos for both residential and commercial premises. Contact PROAS for professional asbestos removal.