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Asbestos Removal Horrors

Proas asbestos removal horrors

Dealing with asbestos is not fun, regardless of how much there is to get rid of. Unfortunately many people don’t seek out licensed asbestos removalists and end up with many horrifying issues. While an unlicensed removal of asbestos is permitted in Victoria, there are many limitations and it is not recommended due to the Health and Safety Regulations 2007. Although partaking in one of these unlicensed removals may save you money in the short term, it leads to many asbestos removal horrors. These will only cause more anguish and possibly even more damage to the health of yourself and your loved ones. It will also most likely be more damaging to the space the asbestos is affecting.

So let’s take a look at what not to do when trying to remove asbestos and the worst asbestos removal horrors!

1. Only wearing a common dust mask

Proas common dust mask asbestos

Asbestos is known to cause many horrific diseases such as mesothelioma and many times of cancer (lung, ovarian, testes). Therefore, when dealing with asbestos you need to take proper measures to ensure that you’re protected. A basic dust mask isn’t sufficient as it lets the fibres in around the edges. There are other aspects you need to be aware of when choosing the right protection. For example, you must be clean shaven with the proper mask because facial hair can allow fibres in. Asbestos can cling to your clothing and hair as well, so protective clothing is also a must. Make sure you wear disposable clothing and shower afterwards to avoid the danger of asbestos!

2. Using power tools or waterblast

Proas using power tools on asbestos

You may think that using power tools or blasting away asbestos with high pressure water  is the way to go. Unfortunately, working with asbestos in this way will actually cause more harm than good. Power tools used to cut or sand will create more dust and debris. This circulates the fibres throughout the air. High pressure water will also have a similar effect, increasing the amount of loose dust that spreads throughout the contaminated area.

3. Facing lawsuits and fines

Proas unlicensed asbestos removal

Many people try to remove asbestos on their own or through an unlicensed party to save a few dollars. Taking short cuts with asbestos is never a good idea. Despite the fact that it can be dangerous to remove asbestos without proper training, if you don’t follow the specific requirements under the Health and Safety Regulations you are subject to large fines and possible lawsuits for unlicensed removal. A man that faced two charges of unlicensed work was fined a hefty $35 400. Definitely not worth the risk if you ask us! Our certified professionals make sure that asbestos issues are dealt with in a suitable manner.

Unlicensed removals have resulted in many issues due to the reasons mentioned above such as not wearing the right protection, not using the right materials and the possible occurrence of lawsuits/fines.

At Proas, we take great pride in providing the best residential asbestos removal and commercial asbestos removal in Melbourne. Contact our licensed asbestos removalists today with any enquires you have regarding your asbestos removal!