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Asbestos poses to be an incredible threat to many all over the world, which is why it’s important to rely on trustworthy professionals when it comes to removing it from your property. For this, and all other asbestos removal   related services, know that maintaining your safety is our utmost priority here at PROAS.

PROAS has 20 years of experience when it comes to the safe, reliable and sustainable removal of asbestos. Over the last two decades, we’ve worked hard to gain the trust of the residents of Hoppers Crossing and beyond. This effort has certainly paid off, and today we are proud to be the first point of call when it comes to effective asbestos removal Hoppers Crossing  and its residents can truly depend upon.

In addition to our dedication to delivering excellent customer care, we provide the most competitive asbestos removal rates on the market today. We are licensed as Class “A” removalists offering commercial asbestos removal   , domestic asbestos removal   and residential asbestos removal  .

PROAS offer a large portfolio of asbestos removal services   that caters to all needs and situations, ensuring that you will get what you need from us. Firstly, we have provided our services to multiple businesses in the area, and we’ve become the go-to company for businesses of all sizes and statures in Hoppers Crossing. We have additionally been leading the pack in the residential area too and we’re glad to help homeowners ensure a safe and toxic-free home for their families. Our expert staff is able to target contamination early on in the analysis process in order to avoid any harm to you or your family in the short and long-run. Finally, all matters with the removal of asbestos in a domestic setting can be taken care of by us as well. So, whether you’re in need of an inspection or after a full decontamination, we’ve got you covered.

If you have even a slight inclination that asbestos is present in your home or property and you fear for the health of you and your family, we recommend you give us a call as soon as possible. We will be sure to have our exceptionally trained team fully inspect your property in order to ensure that there is no further harm posed to you and your family. We can quickly provide you with a quote in the event you do need to employ our services straight away.

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