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Afraid your property might be contaminated with asbestos? Do you fear for the safety and health of your family? If so, give us a call at PROAS! Our company has over 20 years of experience when it comes to safe, reliable and sustainable asbestos removal for properties all over the victoria area. Building a reputation that is unrivalled in the industry, we are the first point of call for all asbestos removal Essendon  and its residents deserve to maintain healthy living standards. Our company is officially licenced as a Class “A” removalist, providing commercial asbestos removal  , domestic asbestos removal  and residential asbestos removal Essendon  and its residents can truly trust in.

Catering to your specific needs when it comes to asbestos removal  , PROAS offers a variety of services that you can choose from. Firstly, we have provided our services to multiple businesses, and thus, we have acquired the name as the most reliable commercial asbestos removalist  in the area. We have additionally been leading the pack in the residential asbestos removal Essendon  needs in order to maintain safe, toxic-free, homes. Our expert team is able to target contamination early on in the analysis process, which will ensure that you and your family will avoid any undue and potentially serious harm.

Finally, the domestic asbestos removal Essendon  needs can be taken care of by us as well, as our reputation as the best asbestos removalist   in the area speaks for itself. We’ve served many clients in the area who can attest to our incredibly accurate services and overall efficiency.

We are heavily experienced in working with educational groups, environmentalists and government staff. This, in essence, legitimises our Class A Asbestos Removal license, which we received from WorkSafe Victoria. This allows us to be industry leaders, making your choice much easier. Whether you’re in need of an inspection or perhaps a full decontamination, we’ve got you covered.

Additionally, we can quickly provide you with a quote in the event that you do require the removal of asbestos from your property. We offer a full inspection of your property and ensure to provide you with a full breakdown of your requirements, depending on the level and type of contamination. Specifically, we offer removal of cement sheets, asbestos insulation, vinyl floors, as well as, floor grinding. It takes a reliable group of professionals to handle these types of removal projects and PROAS is definitely the right choice!

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