Asbestos Pipe Lagging Removal

Do you have old asbestos lagging around your water pipes or covering your boiler? If so, you should never attempt to remove any of these coatings by yourself, especially if they’re damaged or worn.

Asbestos pipe lagging removal  is most definitely a job for a professional asbestos removal company such as PROAS. Here at PROAS we have over 20 years of experience in finding and identifying all kinds of hazardous asbestos products, together with a reputation for the safe removal of friable asbestos throughout Melbourne and beyond.

Asbestos Pipe Lagging Removal

One of the main uses for asbestos was as an insulation and lagging material, with many old heating systems having asbestos lagging around boilers, pipework and calorifiers. This type of asbestos can have different appearances according to how it was used, especially as it was often painted or covered in a protective coating.

This can make it extremely difficult to identify, however you must be aware that under the coloured paintwork or coating there will be a fibrous material which flakes off and turns to powder when disturbed, making it one of the most dangerous materials containing asbestos. Once disturbed it release fibres into the air that are then breathed in, causing respiratory problems.

Professional Asbestos Removal in Melbourne

As you can see, the removal of asbestos pipe lagging  is a job for the professionals, and they don’t come much more professional than PROAS. We’ve over 20 years in the asbestos removal industry, we’re fully qualified and hold a Class A license and we always make your safety our number one priority.

Over the last two decades we’ve successfully completed asbestos removal contracts for both domestic customers and for large corporations and have worked on projects that have required extensive hazardous waste management. We always use our considerable experience and expertise, together with the latest technology, to ensure that we always complete each and every project safely and on time.

If you suspect or know that your pipes have been lagged with an asbestos lagging, then it’s imperative that you take every caution when it comes to its removal and disposal. Our staff here at PROAS provides the perfect solution for safe asbestos pipe lagging removal.

Each member of the team has undergone comprehensive training to enable them to remove, handle and dispose of this hazardous material in a safe and appropriate manner, plus we always comply with best practice procedures to minimise the possibility of contaminants being released into the air.