Asbestos Inspections Melbourne

Our team at PROAS (Professional Asbestos Removal) conduct asbestos inspections Melbourne. Through the inspection of asbestos, we are able to identify its exact location and remove it in the safest way possible. There are various reasons as to why asbestos may be removed though its primal reason revolves around risk imposed on both residential and commercial sites and its exposure to us when coming into contact with asbestos.

Knowing when to contact asbestos removalists can be difficult as it may be hard to identify whether asbestos is present. A visual inspection is usually deemed insufficient; therefore, sending samples of suspected asbestos fibres to determine whether asbestos is actually present is the best way and we at PROAS can do that for you.
However, general signs which may give indication of asbestos present in the home include the time the house was built (i.e. more likely if it was built or renovated before 1990s), flat corrugated roofing or bitumen roofing, old ceilings that may be made out of asbestos cement sheets, asbestos insulation or tape (grey or white), and vinyl tiles or sheet with paper or millboard may be contaminated with asbestos. Also be aware that not only fibro homes are affected as asbestos may be present in brick, weatherboard and clad homes.

Otherwise, using our services for asbestos inspections Melbourne, will help do that job for you, easing the stress and hassle of the possible threats imposed in case asbestos is present.

During our inspection, it may be helpful to understand the process undergone when asbestos is found and the service that is carried out by our removalists. The complexities of each job differ and therefore an exact timeline cannot be given; our inspection services can give you more information and a better indication of the way in which the removal service will be carried out. Our licenced removalists ensure the service is carried out in the safest way possible.