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Asbestos Cement Roofing Removal – Footscray West | PROAS

asbestos cement roofing removal proas

PROAS Asbestos Removal was employed to aid in the removal of 10,000m2 of asbestos cement sheet ceilings to a heritage listed warehouse. We first conducted a thorough inspection of the 20m high warehouse located in Footscray West to obtain as much information about the location and condition of the Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) as possible. Safety is PROAS main priority so our personnel inspect the area with appropriate personal protective equipment.


We then developed the control plan to establish the extent of removal area. Any items in the warehouse were removed to avoid contamination. An elevated workplace platform was used to reach and remove the asbestos cement sheet ceilings. We used hand tools to safely remove the asbestos, ensuring to keep it damp/wet using fine water spray equipment. The material has to be thoroughly wet down and kept wet during the removal to minimize the release of fibres and dust. A HEPA-fitted vacuum cleaner was used to vacuum and collect dust off the area prior to spraying the asbestos with water.


The asbestos is then placed into a 200 micron plastic waste bag suited for asbestos waste. The asbestos waste, tools and equipment used were then decontaminated and disposed of in a controlled environment.

Asbestos can be hazardous to your health if exposed to in the long-term. Contact PROAS today for an inspection.