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We’re highly experienced and fully qualified to remove all kinds of asbestos material from properties in Victoria. That’s what it means to have a Class A Asbestos removal license from WorkSafe Victoria. Whether you’re in need of an inspection or after a full decontamination, we’ve got you covered when it comes to Asbestos Removalists.
Whether you’re in need of an inspection or after a full decontamination,
we’ve got you covered when it comes to asbestos removal.

Get peace of mind. Get an inspection

If you think your property may have asbestos, call the professionals straight away. Our experienced team at Proas will safely inspect your property without further endangering the health and safety of you and your loved ones. And, in the worse case scenario, our expert team are also able to provide you with a quote for getting your asbestos safely removed.
Asbestos safety inspections in Victoria

Reliable cement sheet removal

Whether you're looking to remove asbestos cement sheets from your ceilings, walls, or external fixtures, we’re your guys. We have expert experience across a wide range of friable and non-friable asbestos removal. So you can rest easy knowing that your home or workplace are in the hands of professionals.
Asbestos safety for demolition in Victoria

Say goodbye to dangerous asbestos insulation

If your home or workplace was built or renovated before the late-1980s it could be filled with dangerous friable asbestos insulation in your walls, piping, or even your boiler. Friable asbestos is one of the most dangerous forms or asbestos and requires highly qualified removalists to ensure the safety of you and those in the area. Unlike some asbestos removalists, we’re fully licensed and experienced in the safe removal of hazardous asbestos insulation. Call us today for a quote.
Asbestos insulation removal in Victoria

Get on the right foot with asbestos vinyl floor removal and floor grinding

We offer a full range of services when it comes to removing friable asbestos materials from your floors. From vinyl sheet removal to a full-site decontamination, you can count on us to have you walking easy again.
Asbestos floor removal in Victoria
Don’t wait any longer to have your asbestos removed.
For safe and reliable asbestos removal, contact PROAS today on 1300 2 PROAS
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